A magical conversation with Pauline Crawford

Pauline and I go back many years, and every time our paths cross and we hook up again, it’s like we only saw each other yesterday. Pauline is a woman transforming the world – and, she intends, the boardroom.

A conference speaker of 20 years experience, Pauline works with top people who want a business world in which diverse players contribute more effectively.  Her goal is to enable men and women to engage in conversations that shift attitudes and open up possibilties for efficient, sustainable results while enhancing the working lives of all employees.

Pauline’s mission is to help men and women leverage the best from their diverse natures, and from all generations, cultures and creeds. Studying different types of men and women has highlighted a key factor in todays economy – the struggle to engage women in the boardroom.  Pauline’s new blueprint for conversation challenges the status quo of the boardroom rather than the players.  This new conversation can open the door to many possibilties and requires an openness and a will to co-create a business and life balance as part of the bottom line.

Through her company Corporate Heart, and her blueprint – the Gender Dynamics Map – Pauline is slowly but surely facilitating those magical conversations that will transform the boardroom and the working relationship between men and women from the top down. Intrigued as to what a ‘magical conversation’ is? Listen to our interview from my Girls on Top radio show by clicking on the player below.

Pauline’s websites: www.genderdynamics.co.uk, www.corporateheart.co.uk . Read her blog at www.paulinecrawford.wordpress.com

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