Hovis – one hilarious horse!

As an author of four books of horsy humour (three published by Hodder and Stoughton and one self-published), I know it is no mean feat to publish your first book. And it’s a great achievement when you have no previous knowledge of the publishing industry. So congratulations are well deserved for Karen Thompson and Hovis for birthing their first book together.

It all started a couple of years ago on the Horse and Hound Forums and it has culminated in the publication of Hovis’s adventures to promote and raise funds for Bransby Rest Home for Horses.

I had the priviledge of interviewing Karen on ‘Girls on Top’ (which she is quite literally when aboard the very statuesque Hovis) and hearing all about the great ‘man’ and his antics. You can hear our conversation on the player below.

And Hovis has inspired me too. For the rest of 2011, all the profits from the sale of my little books from this website will be donated to Bransby. They do a superb job and deserve all the recognition and donations they can get. They are funded purely by the benevolence of the public so every penny helps and counts!

You can buy my books here and Hovis’ Friday Diary from the Bransby website. You can also become a fan of Hovis on his facebook page

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  1. Liz Price says:

    A fantastic, laugh out loud book, highly recommended!

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