Barking up the right tree

Inspiration no.20 on my 30 day blogging challenge is all about bark. It fascinates me and I can barely walk past an interesting tree without taking a photo. Often I will see things in the photo that I hadn’t seen in the bark, sometimes I will see a face or shape in the bark and then try to capture it. Here are a few of my favourite bark photos. Do you what I see? Or something else altogether?

bark mother child

In this knarled trunk I see a Mother and her Children

man tree bark

Can you see the man’s face in the bark? He looks a bit like a character from The Hobbit














bark ram head

Here I see a ram’s head

bark rabbit nose

and in this one – a rabbit’s nose


bark cave entrance

This seems like the entrance to a secret cave

bark sad face

I see a melancholy face in this decaying tree trunk

bark waterfall

Lots of things in this one – a waterfall, a temple, a face and an A

bark t

Me to a T – in these deep cracks, I see my initial.



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  1. Claire says:

    Looking at all these wonderful textures, I wonder, do you ever take rubbings? They’d make wonderful studies to inspire a series of paintings, maybe??

  2. Tina B says:

    Good thought Claire. I haven’t done rubbings up to now – just snapped with my iPhone. Definitely worth making an opportunity to do that. 🙂

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