Inspired by a Manolo shoe (or two)

Who can resist a pair of exquisitely formed shoes by Manolo Blahnik? [Deep sigh] I can count myself blessed indeed that I once owned a pair. ‘What do you mean ‘once’ I hear you cry. What happened to them?! Well I confess I sold them, on ebay, simply because I had no occasion to wear them and they were too beautiful to simply sit in a box.

I did, however, photograph them for my City and Guilds Black and White Photography course (all done with film, exposures, dark rooms etc). These particular photos were from a focus on straps.

Manolo Blahnik shoe

My Manolo’s angled side view

manolo shoes

My Manolos from the back












As a child I used to spend hours drawing and designing shoes so one of my favourite books is Manolo Blahnik’s drawings. There is a wonderful article about the man and his design process on Business of Fashion Every shoe has a story. I love that.

I also love his shoe cupboard: “a private museum of 20,000 pairs of shoes that he has made during his career. The are all stored in special cupboards and when the doors are thrown open – the cupboards stretch across the upper rooms of two houses.” I had a shoe cupboard built into my London flat in the 1990s. It only housed about 20 pairs though, not 20,000!

Manolo Blahnik Drawings

The book of Manolo Blahnik’s shoe sketches

Manolo Blahnik leaf shoe

One of my favourite drawings – the leaf shoe












I haven’t sketched any shoes for many years, so maybe it is time to pick that up again. Watch this space!! I leave you with my Wash Day Shoes from my City and Guilds final submission (all presented in a  shoe box of course).

wash day shoes

Wash day shoes (I didn’t really put them in the washer)

shoes washing line

Shoes hung out to dry

shoes ironing board

Soles reflecting the shape of the iron

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  1. Claire says:

    Ahh, I still miss my MBs… they were SOOOO beautiful… but it’s better that someone else owns them, who can actually wear them 🙂 I remember this project – fantastic photos!!

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