Reflecting on my morning walk

Inspiration for my hungry soul no.14: a poem for a summery Autumn day

poetry of an open field

love this view of the track

My friend Claire shared this poem on her blog the other day and I had to steal it because it so perfectly describes my morning walks with the dogs. I stride out across open fields in the warm Autumn sunshine. “This way! This way!” is how I get Jock our labrador to come back to me when he’s wandering off for a sniff. I’ve been building a little stone cairn at the corner where two fields join and where I usually salute the morning sun. The flowers and grasses jump and wave in greeting. And we pass over the stream, which shares a song with us as we go. I hope you enjoy the poem too 🙂

jock and maisie

Jock and Maisie sniff the grass around my stone cairn

stone cairn

Close up of the stone cairn – which makes it look much bigger than it really is!

The Waking
I strode across
An open field;
The sun was out,
Heat was happy.

This way! This way!
The wren’s throat shimmered,
Either to other,
The blossoms sang.

The stones sang,
The little ones did,
And flowers jumped
Like small goats.

A ragged fringe
Of daisies waved;
I wasn’t alone
In the grove of apples.

Far in the wood
A nestling sighed;
The dew loosened
Its morning smells.

I came where the river
Ran over stones;
My ears knew
An early joy.

And all the waters
Of all the streams
Sang in my veins
That summer day.

~Theodore Roethke~

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  1. Claire says:

    How lovely the poem just fit perfectly! Love your ‘giant’ cairn – perspective is everything 😀 xx

  2. Tina B says:

    I wonder sometimes if the farmers think a witch might be about as I keep adding to my cairn – they would be right 😉 lol!

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