Triumph of nature – the tree of life

tree of life

The Tree of Life and Death

Everyday when I go to see my horse I wander up my friend’s drive (Penny lives with her donkeys) past this tree. Always it lifts my spirits. It is such a metaphor for triumph over adversity, of new life emerging from decay, the phoenix rising from the ashes.

I call it the tree of life.

Half the tree trunk is completely dead and breaking down. The other half is rampant with new life, new branches, new leaves.






Some of yesterday’s images were from this tree. The following images were taken this morning. I love the patterns emerging in the decaying wood. The new growth reminds me that even in the midst of our own decay, new life can emerge. Sometimes we have to let one part of us die (long held beliefs that no longer serve us for example) in order to create space for something new and better to be born. And yet there can also be beauty in the thing we are letting go of. Just because it’s time has passed, doesn’t mean it has nothing left to give us.

decaying tree

The tree trunk viewed from the dead side













The following are all images of the decaying trunk – what beauty and stories it still holds for the imagination.

img_4281 img_4280 img_4279 img_4278 img_4277

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