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This is my new canvas on which to paint with words and write with a camera or a brush, unfettered by the canvas of the past which is now under Archive.

Miss Peregrine’s children – peculiar or gifted?

Well it is a Tim Burton film, so both! Inspiration for my hungry soul no.12: The gift in a very peculiar film Last night Hubs and I went to see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and following on from my blog post of yesterday about Caroline McHugh’s book Never Not a Lovely Moon; The Art of Being Yourself, it was a very apt film! Directed by Tim Burton it had all the expected elements – great visual efforts, suitably […]

“A book to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”

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Inspiration for my hungry soul no 11: Never Not a Lovely Moon by Caroline McHugh With a title like Never Not a Lovely Moon and a celestial image on the first page, it was very likely that I would love this book by Caroline McHugh, about The Art of Being Yourself. I love her phrase that this is a book “to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”. Caroline is founder and CEO of IDOLOGY, which she calls “a movement dedicated to […]

Life lessons from pruning the Buddleia

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Inspiration for my hungry soul no.10: life lessons from the Buddleia It’s that time of the year – the first pruning and the life lessons that come with it. Today was Buddleia pruning day. The flowers have pretty much finished and if I leave the heads to develop and drop their seeds I will have Buddleia seedlings everywhere! I love these bushes, also known as the Butterfly Bush or Summer Lilac, but left to their own thing they are rampant! So we […]

The many views of cow parsley

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Inspiration for my hungry soul no.9: Cow parsley in the hedgerows and in art Cow parsley (wild chervil) is one of these plants that always looks terribly pretty whatever stage it is at, and it is one of my favourite hedgerow flowers to photograph. Being so photogenic, it also lends itself to creations in every artist’s medium from printmaking to jewellery, watercolours to ink drawings. Just google on cow parsley art and it brings up a fascinating array of images!   One of […]

The Art of Seeing: Inspiration in a Tree Trunk

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Inspiration for my hungry soul no.8: podcasts and tree trunks This is an update from a post I published in 2015. I have updated and reposted because I still walk by this tree most days and greet the Goddess within the trunk. She reminds me that my work as a writer, an artist and a broadcaster is really about seeing what others don’t see, connecting dots that others don’t connect and then connecting people to dots or people to people. Listening to […]

What would happen if you decided to follow your heart?

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Inspiration for my hungry soul no.7: The Work of Pia Jane Bijkerk I am a book lover. I can think of no better way to pass the time than with a book that makes my heart sing and my soul feel replenished. My Heart Wanders by Pia Jane Bijkerk is one of those books. It is perhaps most pertinent to me at this time as I follow my own hearts calling in both my art and my writing. It would […]

Kilimanjaro – a lesson on climbing the mountain within

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Inspiration for my hungry soul no.6: Kilimanjaro – when I in awesome wonder… My first sight of Kilimanjaro was in 1988 when I visited my friend Claire (subject of my first ‘inspiration for my hungry soul’) in Africa. At that time she had a year’s contract teaching in Machakos, Kenya. That trip is a book in itself! So many adventures in just two weeks. While on a road trip to Amboseli game reserve, we stayed with relatives of Claire’s friend Dickson […]

Inspiration in aching feet and a vintage tea shop

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Yesterday Hubs and I had a day out in the Lincolnshire Wolds. We love finding new places to walk the pups, especially when we don’t meet anyone else and we can have the countryside all to ourselves. The walk took us along a single track road, a bridlepath and then a green lane before bringing us to a tiny hamlet and a 2 mile walk back to the car. We didn’t measure it but our feet told us we’d walk […]

What abundance is really all about

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Inspiration for my hungry soul no. 4: Abundance – nature shows us what it really is One of the things that always inspires me about the beginning of Autumn is the abundance of fruits and berries in the hedgerows. It inspires me to remember that the nature of life is abundance. Abundance is all around us and yet we don’t notice it, we get so caught up in the mindset of scarcity and lack. I’ve been taking photographs for as long […]

The last dance of summer (and a cropped bee)

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Inspiration for my hungry soul no.3 Here we are on day 3 of my challenge and it is a glorious sunny day, warm with a light breeze. Although the Autumn Equinox passed yesterday so we are officially no longer in Summer, she still dances her finale before she heads off for a nap. The bees are still suckling on the Verbena flowers. The Passionflower blooms on. And while most of the Lychnis has gone to seed, a few flowers are still […]