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Your Voice: High stakes and emotions

This week’s podcast is all about stories of high stakes and high emotions. Often we shy away from telling these stories because we fear the reaction of our audience, or we worry that we might get emotional telling them or because we don’t think we should wash our linen in public! Stories with high stakes or high emotions however don’t need to be the ones that always make you weep or the life or death experiences – though they make for […]

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The view from the literary agent’s desk

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Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be a literary agent? Getting paid to read books all day seems like my idea of work heaven, but the reality isn’t always quite so sweet. Interviewing Victoria Hobbs, agent to some famous and not-so-famous names, was a fascinating insight into the life of a literary agent and their needs and expectations of an author. If you have aspirations of being the next JK Rowling or Martin Amis, then this is […]

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Want a good read? Have a listen…

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One of the things I love about doing my radio shows is that I get to interview interesting people. Recently I had the pleasure of talking to three local authors about their writing and their books. Ian Collinson, Megan Taylor and Nigel Pickard are published by a local publishing company, Weathervane Press, which is also owned by Ian. Enjoy the podcast and if you want to find out more then visit www.weathervanepress.co.uk. A sad postscript to this interview is that Nigel Pickard […]

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karen Maitland about all things medieval

Karen Maitland is one of my favourite authors and I’ve been fortunate enough to interview her three times now. If you don’t know Karen’s work, she writes brilliant (if sometimes rather gory) medieval thrillers. Here are two of the interviews – a video clip from my interview with Karen at the Lowdham Book Festival for The Book Channel and the podcast of my recent interview with Karen on Boundary Sound about her latest book – The Gallows Curse. Enjoy! http://www.tinabettisonarchives.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/karen-maitland-interview.mp3Podcast: […]

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