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Your Voice: High stakes and emotions

This week’s podcast is all about stories of high stakes and high emotions. Often we shy away from telling these stories because we fear the reaction of our audience, or we worry that we might get emotional telling them or because we don’t think we should wash our linen in public! Stories with high stakes or high emotions however don’t need to be the ones that always make you weep or the life or death experiences – though they make for […]

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A magical conversation with Pauline Crawford

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Pauline and I go back many years, and every time our paths cross and we hook up again, it’s like we only saw each other yesterday. Pauline is a woman transforming the world – and, she intends, the boardroom. A conference speaker of 20 years experience, Pauline works with top people who want a business world in which diverse players contribute more effectively.  Her goal is to enable men and women to engage in conversations that shift attitudes and open up possibilties […]

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