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Tina Talks To…novelists Fanny Blake and Megan Taylor

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Ever fancied yourself as a novelist? Do you think there might be a writer within but you aren’t sure if you have the courage to let it out? Then take comfort and inspiration from my two guests for this week’s Tina Talks To… Fanny Blake has been involved in publishing all her life but only found the courage to write her own novels when a significant birthday loomed and it became now or never! Her second novel Women of a […]

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Your Voice: High stakes and emotions

This week’s podcast is all about stories of high stakes and high emotions. Often we shy away from¬†telling these stories because we fear the reaction of our audience, or we worry that we might get emotional telling them or because we don’t think we should wash our linen in public! Stories with high stakes or high emotions however don’t need to be the ones that always make you weep or the life or death experiences – though they make for […]

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